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I write music for anyone that wants it, get in touch with me at xsentin3l@gmail.com


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Hey X, I saw your post on Facebook. I'm kinda sad to see you go (don't listen to many artists these days), but you made some great stuff under your alias. I remember listening to Make Me Anime when it was on the top five submissions that week and being blown away by your beats. I've stuck to your youtube channel since, and I'm glad that you've kept pumping out good dubstep since then.

I still feel you should have been far more popular than you turned out, but maybe things will change. Good luck with the rest of your career and life - let us fans know when you're on to something new!

Thanks man, I know I didn't get that popular but the few fans I did have were so good it doesn't even matter to me. You guys are what made the decision so damn hard, but I will 100% keep you up to date I promise and whatever I do come back with will be something to make you all proud!

"One door closes, another door opens..."

Regardless of you getting away from Dubstep, you're bound to create some great stuff in other genres. Definitely enjoyed a lot of your work, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. Happy to be a fan, good luck dude :D

Thanks man! That's inspirational for sure :)


Is this song yours?

Yup, he took it from me and just used it, I tried to get him to remove it but he just won't so what can I do?

Sad to hear that, one of your older songs just came next in my personal VLC playlist and i thought i'd check in to see if there's anything new. D': I will miss you...

*holds back tear* it's okay, i'll be back one day I'm sure :) Thanks for the support!

You're music is what inspired me to do what I've wanted to do. I'm not an artist, no, but I have used your songs in my YouTube videos for awhile, which also sets the mood for the atmosphere I want in them (And I still appreciate that you even replied to my message in the first place). I've listened to all your tracks from Ethereality to Obelisk (which is the first song I heard from you, and loved it from the start) to Signal to Dear World. I do realize you have more songs beyond that, but as a fan, I wanted to hear all your work from the beginning, and I heard you develop into your own artist as your songs grew with more personality and impact. I do love your songs as XS, and I'm sad that that door is closed for you, but I'm happy as well that your work, once a budding flower, will now blossom into a beautiful flower that not only will you be proud of, but will continue to inspire the hearts and minds of those who hear it, and speak thoughts, words, and emotions that only music can express. I wish you well in your future endeavors, and we'll all be awaiting for your return.

I apologize for such a ramble, but your music is more powerful than you realize :) Come back soon!

Ahhh dude, sorry for the delayed reply, I haven't been on so much but that was beautiful. The fact that I could have inspired anyone to do anything makes me feel so amazing I can't even describe in words. I'll remember these words when I need some inspiration myself, and one day I'll be back with something I think is worth of such epic fans!

i dont really understand the sentence that there are way better artists: tell me the artists. skrillex? that guy is just a ragedubstepmaker, mt eden? he was good but now he aint (also he did liquid dubstep). the others? most of them are shit as hell and are doing casual shit dubstep. you are good especially with pinaosounds and echos as well as with drums and basses. maybe you should just change the genre a bit if you feel like not doing dubstep anymore. how about ambient music?
do a collab if you are in need for new inspirations.
listen to ya damn old track you made with girlstep: game over. dont tell me its not a badass track, and its not the only good track you made. so yu cant be that bad at all, that everything you did was wasted time! but the most important part i dont understand is: why do ya waste 7 years of your life only 'cause of popularity? do it as hobby like paragonx9 does e.g. or work on, maybe you still get the luck you need to get better known. and as you can see others are already copying your tracks...
im kind of pissed of the way you are leaving the music section, it doesnt suit ya... >.<

Haha oh man, I almost feel bad saying this but I put out a new album. I realised everything you said pretty much and carried on. I love music too much to quit. I'll put up a blog post now and explain everything. :)