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Eeeshh.... This is awkward.... New album here...

Posted by xSentin3l - April 29th, 2014

Okay, I realise how stupid I look now after posting that long heartfelt message about leaving and I don't want people to think it was a cry for attention or a stunt so I'll detail why in a second but... I have a new album out, now, like right fucking now, skip to the bottom for links!


So a couple of months ago I "quit" music. I said it's because of not feeling good enough and like I was wasting my time yadda yadda, but I changed my mind.


I was feeling pretty low at that point, certain things in life weren't stacking up like I thought, I couldn't write anything I liked and everything seemed to be falling apart around me. The only thing I ever cared about and was proud of in a personal sense was my music and I thought if I carried on I would ruin what I had already done, but I realised that was a stupid thought (albeit months later).


As the months went by I started to play around and listen to old music I'd made, next thing I know I'm doing it daily and going back to songs I liked to crisp them up. Then after reading some of the genuinely heartfelt messages from some fans on here and elsewhere I realised that I don't need to stop, and people don't want me to, so why am I cutting my nose off to spite my face? So, I collected my favorite pieces from the past year, remixed, remastered, made new ones and put them on an album aptly titled "ReBirth" (also it was released on 4/20, easter sunday... Blasphemy always adds right?).


So here it is! 9 tracks, most released before but you may not have heard some, all of them (bar one) has been remastered or mixed from anything up here. You can get it on Bandcamp and name your own price! (I think free is always a good price):




And you can listen to it on SC, the download link will take you to BC again:




I'll put it on YT this week too so be sure to subscribe at www.youtube.com/xsentinelofficial for that magic.


Thanks for all the support and kind words, I won't be slowing up now and I learned my lesson about being hasty on the old "I'm quitting" jib, sorry about that -_-




Comments (7)

:D! Welcome back. We all have had a point when we just want to quit music so I'm sure no one is mad about your last post anymore X3. Most important thing is that your back :D!

Thanks man :p Yeah we do, it can be hard to stay motivated when you feel down but getting rid of something you love is the worst thing to do! I'll be back in summer with more :D

now thats my boy ^^,and if you ever dare to quit again i will kick ya ass till ya go on with ya work :P.

life can suck sometimes, ...or most of the time,.. or all the time, but that doesnt mean you can just give up on everything you worked before. and you are not the only one with bad luck, i had to suffer enough already for the whole fucking life -.- and im sure others had to suffer too, but if we give up cause of that we arent men anymore we would be just some whiny wimps that cant reach anything. and im sure you dont want to be called a pussy ^^. besides if ya need inspirations how about asking your fans what they like to listen to, maybe you find something useful you can chew on it and make an own track out of it.

cheers, and welcome back.

Haha that's it man, my life isn't as bad as some peoples and I should be grateful. Get up, brush off and carry on right?

I already like the music XD, mind if I do a run-through of the album and throw it up on YouTube?

Sure! I haven't done it yet so someone should ;'P

Might not be what you expected, but this is the run through I was talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jUDtDfBmUo
Any older albums I can do as well? This one was great, even lost myself in the music a few times while playing XD

I love that game! I only play basic, but I'm glad you got to listen to the whole thing like that, that's really how I intended it to be done!

I'm uploading my last two albums onto BC right now so I'll message you with links later.

hey X just browsed through ya facebook and read interesting news: is it really true you wanna work with girlstep again? that would be...damn awesome!
also you are in the audio deathmatch (already together with girlstep? ^^)? when will it start? where is the list where i can see who is competiting with others? somehow i cant find it -.-.

Okay firstly here is the contesnt link: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1372087

And as for me and GS, we both really want to do something together but each time we try it doesn't get past the initial stage. This doesn't mean we're not going to, it's all about trying and trying ;p

just looked at the groups and the competitors... i just know two other musicmakers...
soulblud e.g. isnt that bad sometimes...
but man, if you handle it right you should be able to win this match easily! your group you are in is pretty light, the only problem will be the voters itself xD.

I think it goes by judges only, so I know that they will listen to the whole thing which is awesome, gives me the ability to write a real story. I'm working on one now which sits at around 4 minutes and it's really full of symphony and harmony, hopefully it'll be good enough...

i will look forward to it and if its good (which will be goo if its with symphony ^^) i will make sure to influence the judgers in a positive way xD

i wish ya the best of luck :)